I Feel The Most Loved When

I am joining with Gypsymama for a five minute un-edited free-write.
I feel the most loved when …

Chubby baby hands cradle my face and blue-green eyes shine into mine from only an inch away.  When sleepy-sluggish boys shuffle directly out of bed and onto my lap as I sit before the glow of the computer screen.  I am most loved when my husband sends me texts telling me how much he appreciates the mothering I am doing and the family life we are sharing.
When the phone rings and my mother chokes back her tears of pride, sharing her love from miles afar.  When my dearest friends text their praise for our friendship and the fun times we have together. 
But most of all I feel the most loved when I kneel in prayerful humility before the Eucharist and I am freely invited to partake in the mysterious, magnificent love of my creator God who loves me,
                who loves 


  1. popping over from Gypsy Mama... wonderful post (and beautiful banner picture!). karen

  2. Visiting from 5Min Fridays...I have three boys, too! Words from my husband can fill me for sure. HAve a great weekend!

  3. I can relate to the warm feeling of God's love the flows forth from the Eucharist in Adoration. I race to church on Thursdays for my one hour spent face-to-face with the One who knows the real me and loves me even still. I love how you wrote that, Misty. You are blessed, girlfriend!

  4. Before I give my sleeping kids' some middle of the (their) night kisses, I love to get as close to their faces as I can and PAUSE with my eyes wide open, and be so close to their sweet breath, their sounds, and their smell...it reminds me of your first line of this entry...and your big boys still wanting to come to your lap first thing in the morning is so special! Beautifully written, as always...I am so blessed by your words!

  5. That was AWESOME! Visiting from Catholic Mothers Online...welcome!

  6. Look at how you are affecting people's lives! I am so honored to be your friend! :) H2U


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