I am joining with Gypsymama for a five minute un-edited free-write.

Waking up...

As a baby in my pink frilly crib,
 as a child in twin bedroom shared with my older sister, 
as a teen in my own room, 
as a college student sharing a tiny dorm room with a complete stranger, 
as a summer camp director in a sleeping bag on the floor of various southern California churches, cockroaches and all, 
as a Spanish major traveling through Spain waking up on train cars, in hostels, in the high-floored piso of my host family, 
as a married woman in a full sized bed, 
as a mom in a king sized bed, often filled with four, even five beloved bodies. 
All these cradles have rocked me and I wonder where the future wakings will find me.


  1. ah, i hadn't thought of it that way! beautiful post, misty!

  2. Beautiful Misty! It is so strange how when I first saw the prompt, I, too thought of all of the places that I have awoken. :)

    (Can I please just come on over for a cup of coffee?! Sounds silly, but would love to sit awhile and chat with you.)

    Have a wonderful day...

  3. Thank you for another beautiful post! Maybe it should be a 15-minute free-write, because for me, the experience of reading your eloquent words is over way too fast! :( Now I have to wait for the next one. I will await in anticipation. :) ENJOY where you are! H2U

  4. Beautiful post! Very creative and fun to read. I love your header!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  5. My thoughts exactly, Jenn! I get so into what you are writing and then the five minutes are up! Thanks for allowing me to review all of my past "cradles". I love the one I'm in right now the best so far =) TGIF!

  6. Visiting you from 5min Fridays. Are you originally from Southern Cal? I was born and raised in San Diego and went to college in Los Angeles. And now I am freezing on the East Coast! Hope your weekend is restful.


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