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I have to laugh when I notice I am on Day 7 of this 31 Days challenge when I should be on day 12.  The funny thing is - it doesn't bother me a bit! The good thing is that there are plenty of bloggers who are right on target and are sharing some great ideas.

Here are a few of the 31 Dayers I am enjoying today.

1.   Across Europe in 31 Days @ elembee.com
These photos are truly luscious! Take an instant trip to various different countries.  I am going to Scotland via this blog.
2.  31 Days Without Excuse - Just Blog @ theoutdoorwife
This blog captivated me with its photos, personal stories and sweetness.

3.  6 Word Memoirs unsweptstone~onceuponatimeinpictures
What a great idea - a single photo with a six word caption to capture each day.  Lovely.

4.  The Entire 31 Days Community


  1. Thank you, Misty, for featuring my blog! It's been challenging but fun and I'm enjoying it. Thank you not just for the kind comments, but for bringing me to your blog because you've got me thinking about the whole gluten free thing. I've had trouble with allergies and breathing for as long as I can remember and now I'm wondering if gluten is part of my problem. I'll be keeping up with your changes!


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