Listen While You Work :: Podcasts {day 3}

It's easy to let life go by in a blur.  So many errands to run, chores to do, meals to make.  We often yearn to find just a moment for ourselves in the midst of all the busyness.

The solution for me has been as simple as combining the two.  
Chores + Podcasts = Productive and Fulfilling time!  
I listen in the car, on my iPod or iPhone or even simply through the computer by using the websites below.  Enjoy!

1.  Among Women Podcast by Pat Gohn   is my favorite podcast to listen to these days.  In every episode she focuses on the life of a saint and then interviews an author, blogger, or person of interest in the Catholic world of new media.  If I had to sum up the Among Women podcasts in one word I would say peaceful.  Here is the Master Index of all topics and guests.

2.  Faith and Family Live Podcast hosted by Danielle Bean, Lisa Hendey and several other Catholic bloggers.  This is the podcast for you if you want to sit down for a chat with your best girlfriends over coffee.  The three hostesses discuss various topics related to the season of the year in family and church life.  These podcasts often make me laugh out loud and always make me think.

3.  Homemakers by Choice Podcast by Donna Otto is absolutely amazing.  These podcasts are the most practical, helpful, idea-laden podcasts you will find regarding home organization, cleaning, marriage, mothering, Christmas preparation and on and on.  Have a notepad at the ready because this dynamo of a woman had more valuable suggestions in 30 minutes than you can remember without writing them down.

Here's to listening while you work!


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    These look wonderful. I am loving your links! :)


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