Art Journaling :: Doodle Away! {day 5}

Not too long ago I rediscovered the pleasure of dabbling in watercolor painting and colored pencil drawing.  I truly don't think I have played with colorful art since grade school.  I am by no means artistic but rather, I love to doodle and often decorate lists, letters, and journal pages with tiny drawings.  Then I discovered the world of art journaling through Stampington's Art Journaling Magazine.

I did a bit of online searching and came across Daisy Yellow's Art Journaling 101.    Inspiration hit me.  My doodles could be art?  I began to experiment with DY's suggestion of creating one index card of drawings a day.  Here is the first one I tried while sipping morning coffee on my sister's patio this summer.

How could simple doodling produce such a feeling of accomplishment and contentment?  Not long after I came across this post by Elisa at Elisa Loves.  You can see in the comments that I felt I had found a kindred spirit (and I had).   She responded with the links to some of her favorite art journaling blogs.  

Among them was Alisa Burke.  Her fall leaves are so beautiful!  Through her blog I came across Dawn DeVries Sokol's blog  d'blogala.  Check out her post on Doodle Camp which provides a list of art supplies to get you started on your own doodling journey.  

Are you feeling inspired yet? Well I am so off I go to doodle!


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  1. Yes, Misty,

    I feel inspired!! I also followed Elisa's links. Seeing all the wonderful images, I suddenly wanted to be an artist not a writer. I shared the blogs with my daughters and they have been doodling away. I am so impressed!

    I love your doodles!

  2. Aww thanks Sue! I love to hear that your girls are already making their own art!

  3. I know! Isn't it fun? Doodling is art and it's so stress relieving (for me, at least). =)

  4. I didn't know you were a doodle-bug! I love this! Mostly, I love that you are uncovering new things about yourself all the time. You are awesome! H2U!

  5. Hi Misty,
    I just found this post...I thought you might like this post I wrote a while back when I discovered that doodling could be prayer.


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