Why Blog? :: Catholic Mothers Online (Day 9}

Today I am writing at a wonderful site for moms ~ Catholic Mothers Online.    Angie runs CMO and has her own blog called Many Little Blessings where she shares her homeschooling stories and her artistic side.  

In "Why Blog?" I'm sharing why I started blogging and what has made me keep going when I have felt my voice seems small and insignificant.   It's not just for bloggers though.  Haven't we all felt that way from time to time?

Please stop over and read my post here and be encouraged today.


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Day 9 {Catholic Mothers Online}


  1. I found you over at Catholic Mothers Online and loved what you said about blogging - it is how I would have answered the question "Why blog?", too. Thank you, I am a new follower!

  2. I think most people blog as a way to express themselves. I enjoy this aspect, but also use blogging as a way to practice my craft.


  3. I have always journaled since I was a kid. I guess for me, blogging was a natural progression, journalist with more creativity!


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