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Have you ever used the instagram app? (It's free!)  I recently discovered it on the iPhone and have enjoyed sharing  my everyday photos there.  It includes editing tricks that make the photos look unique and also allows you to link your photos to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr with one simple click.  Here is a sampling from this past week.

Falling Leaf

I took this photo of a leaf falling in the backyard this week.  Now nearly all the leaves are gone.

Five Guys Ketchup
KC likes a little hot dog with his ketchup!

Hummer Limo Night Out
 A neighbor turned 40 and her husband organized a limo and dinner out with 17 of her friends.  We had a fun time feeling silly (and old) in this psychedelic ride.

Learning To Write
KC is learning to write and I am seeing my three year old grow up before my teary eyes.  I will truly miss the threes.

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  1. My guys eat straight ketchup whenever they get the chance too. :)

  2. I love other people's instagrams, but I don't have an iphone. Very enjoyable.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. oh gosh. i just adore that writing picture! (but i feel the tug on the heartstrings, though...) Can't wait to hear all about your Thanksgiving! ;)

  4. I love watching my kids write... especially when they were younger and just learning:)

    And we understand the ketchup situation.... my older son can eat it straight!! yuck!

  5. My Luke is the same with ketchup. We'll put a hot dog and ketchup on his plate (he has to have everything separate and if it isn't, he'll make everything separate on his plate), then he'll eat the ketchup w/ his fingers, and last the hot dog. Haha, it always bugs me so when he does that.

  6. Great post! Love the photo of your son writing - it's really priceless and beautiful!


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