Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kitty Hawk Beach Blast



  1. The boys are getting so big! I miss you guys =)

  2. I could tell immediately that Rhys' shoulders looked like they are getting broader!!! This collection of photos makes me feel like I am right there. Makes me miss you all sooo much! We connect on the phone, but I miss just being with you! H2U!

  3. We are trying to pay our house off in five years. If we make that unbelievable goal, our treat to ourselves will be a vacation at the beach! I want to rent a house, walk out the door and be in the water! My kids have never seen a beach, ever. The last time I saw one was about 18 years ago and maybe 15 years before that.

  4. What lovely boys you have. The sea looks so blue and inviting, lovely photos. Thankyou so much for leaving those lovelt comments on my blog, it is very much appreciated. Have a wonderful day,, love Linda x


~Grace and peace to you~

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