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If you haven't yet heard of Ann Voskamp's best-selling book, One Thousand Gifts, you may want to look into reading it.  If you want a flavor of her writing style check out her blog, A Holy Experience, which is linked on my sidebar.

Ann's life was changed when she began intentionally noticing and then listing the various blessings and beautiful moments in time all around her.  Soon she was finding them everywhere and her notebook was overflowing with everyday graces.

First, through her blog, then through her book, Ann has managed to change the lives of thousands of people who have shifted their focal point from what is lacking in their lives to taking note of the gifts every ordinary days freely offers them.

Though I've read her blog for many months then read the book last fall, I am just now making the attempt to catalogue my own 1,000 gifts in a small, unlined, top-ringed notepad.  Here are a few from the list so far...

Room temperature outdoor evenings
Laughter from unseen children in the trees
Tulips from a friend
Good pens
Smooth red wine
Time to think
Road trips
Training wheels
Nestled nappers
Sandals and pink toenails
Enough in this moment

If you want to start your own list or read others'...

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  1. What a wonderful list! Time to think, perhaps while looking at pink toes in my sandals, is a very good thing:)

  2. I am one of the multitudes changed by counting the wonderful gifts of everyday, every moment. Enjoyed reading your list and glad that you have began counting!

  3. A great reminder for us, going through so many changes right now. Just tonight I reminded C of a few more 'gifts' brought about from our situation...not necessarily monetary at this point, which, as the breadwinner and him wanting to keep me as a SAHM, was what he was focusing on. Hope that makes sense in a cryptic sort of way. the way - more BEAUTIFUL are gifted in so many ways!

  4. It IS a great book and way of thinking, isn't it?? Beautiful pictures!


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