Declaring Peace in Our Homes

I have shared a bit about our family's desire to slow down our family life and I have to tell you how wonderful the results have been.  There is no re-doing of these early and elementary years and we feel like we are able to enjoy them much more peacefully since we cut out so many after-school commitments and general running around.

Much of what we have done around our home was affirmed if not inspired by the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim Payne.  Below you can hear him summarize his counter-cultural approach to rearing children today in an over-stimulated world.  

If you are feeling frazzled by family life and don't know where to begin to make things change, this snippet may leave you sighing with relief and recognition.

Simplicity Parenting from Kim Payne on Vimeo.


  1. I loved Simplicity Parenting.
    Thank you for the reminder!
    God Bless

  2. Thank you again, Misty. I am often amazed at the looks that I get when I mention that Joe isn't in any sports at the moment. We will probably go back to swimming in the fall, but I have loved this slower Spring! (And I know how hard it is...that feeling to "keep up"...and yet, knowing that we can either ride bikes or quietly read is just wonderful!) Wonderful, slow, relaxing weekend to you!

  3. You are wise to slow down. Children are often over scheduled with activities. It is important to have time to be alone with one's thoughts and with family. Blessings.


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