Spiritual Mothers

Must you give birth or adopt a  child to be considered a mother?

According to Johnnette Benkovic, author of Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life,
all women are called to bring life to the world, whether through childbearing or through their life-giving spirit.   She writes:

"Just as new life issues forth from our bodies in an awesome moment of mystery and wonder, so our every word and deed should be a conduit of grace and new life for others.  And just as we love our child from the very depths of our being, so God's love should flow through us to the world as a soothing and healing balm.  In this way our hearts and souls become conveyors of spiritual life." 

So, today, bless your own mother as well as those women who have been spiritual mothers in your life, whose nurturing presence has helped to raise you and your children in the spirit of love, beauty and goodness.

Happy Mother's Day to all women!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Misty! Love you!

  2. Spiritual mothers.... love this so much! Thank you again, and a beautiful Mother's Day to you. :)


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