Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Day After Valentine's Day {PHFR}

75% off flowers at the grocery store the day after Valentine's Day = Hello Daisy! 


Another great thing about the day after Valentine's Day is that it marks the day that I first held a son in my arms ten years ago.  Happy Birthday RW!  I never would have imagined that you would grow up to be so witty, funny, cuddly and fast.  I also would never have imagined a child requesting an apple pie instead of a cake for birthdays but I am happy to oblige!  Dad and I love you the world!

KC has discovered the deliciousness of a "'tella sandwich" aka Nutella sandwich.  One slice of bread folded over a swipe of chocolate-hazelnut spread which he only eats from the middle out to the crust (thus the mile wide chocolate evidence on his face).  Doesn't it make you happy to see your little ones munching on something they love?

Lately I feel like I am living in a scene from the movie The Birds.  At various times of the day the sounds of hundreds of squawking blackbirds penetrate even closed windows so loudly that I am drawn to look outside to see what is going on.  Either the entire flock of birds has perched high above in the tippy tops of our trees or they have descended en masse  onto the lawn, pecking at the ground for their latest meal.  I tried to sneak up to snap a photo and scared them into flight.  As long as they stay in the trees and out of my house we'll get along just fine.



  1. My kids ask for birthday pie and eat pbjs that way too - are we related?

  2. Lovely flowers, and happy birthday to your son! :)

  3. Beautiful flowers! LOL, we love Nutella at our house, too! :) Such a sweet post! Blessings,Collette

  4. I am visiting from Like Mother, Like Daughter. I LOVE Gerber daisies as well. So simple and full of color. I will admit my face looked a little like your sons last night and yes, the chocolate was yummy! LOL! Have a great day!!

  5. Jer and I always want pie for our birthday. My son requested pie for his last birthday too. Way to go RW!

  6. Nutella makes everything better!

  7. I buy lots of Nutella. Lots! My husband always requests pumpkin pie for his birthday.

  8. I love nutella so much.... yummmmmmmy! And the apple pie looks very nice!

  9. Happy happy birthday to your boy!!! And I would take apple pie over cake ANY DAY. Good choice. :)

  10. Happy birthday to your son! My Bigger's birthday is the day before Valentines :) I anticipate serious sugar overload in the future.

  11. We had the birds at our place the other day, too.

    My mother always requested an apple pie from me on her birthday and Mother's Day. But I wouldn't expect a young fella to want one!


~Grace and peace to you~

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