Birthday Week {PHFR}

Trees are budding, plants are sprouting and berries are ripe and red on our holly tree.  I learned that the word Lent is from an Old English word meaning Springtime.  How appropriate that nature also knows it's Lent!

My son, ZJ, and I shared a moment together over chips and salsa at his favorite Mexican restaurant for his birthday lunch.   He couldn't make me any happier!

My sister and brother-in-law suffered through many an early morning wake-up call from their three adoring fans during the past week's visit.  Mornings are so much more fun when Auntie is in town!


Despite the solemnity of observing Ash Wednesday yesterday, nature did not show much restraint and sent us the most beautiful sunshiny day we've had in a while.  I also received my favorite magazine in the mailbox, Phylis Hoffman's Celebrate.  It was the Easter issue and I had high hopes of sipping some afternoon coffee, soaking in the sunshine and paging through this visual feast.  However...

I wasn't the only one who wanted to spend some free time on the deck.  I never did get around to opening that magazine!

Phew!  I have baked up a storm in the past week!  Here's the rundown of what we made:
1.  Red Velvet Heart Cake with Cream Cheese frosting for Valentine's Day
2.  Apple Pie for RW's 10th birthday
3.  Brownies for ZJ's 9th birthday
4.  Raspberry Poke Cake for RW's birthday party
5. Chocolate cake with Chocolate Buttercream frosting for ZJ's birthday
6. Chocolate Truffle Tarts for Baking With Julia Bake-along.

This week I'm letting the Girl Scouts make dessert!

Despite all the baking we kept the parties ultra simple.  Each boy only invited four friends over for outdoor sports, indoor games followed by pizza and cake.  Three hours for each party and done!  After this wild week of celebrating we are all satisfactorily exhausted and grateful for nights without obligations so we can enjoy the weather and get into bed early.  

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  1. Your sister looks so much like you! I think it's the smile...

    Wow! to all that baking. Looks like your knocked it out just in time for Lent!

  2. I bet your house smelled heavenly the past week.


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