Sunsets and Emergency Rooms {PHFR}

The sunsets lately have been spectacular ~ big strokes of fiery orange or delicate pink and purple swirls.  As I drive the boys to their evening basketball practices I have been known to swerve wildly off the road to capture the spectacle on my cellphone such as this moment above.  (Picture my boys sighing deeply in the backseat anxious just to get. to. practice. already!)

Can I just tell you how blissfully peaceful Liz Lamoreux's blog has been for me in the past two months?  So much so that in light of my word of the year - create - I took a leap of faith and signed up for her Create Space on-line retreat.  It runs for the next five weeks and has already blessed me deeply.  This is a doodle I did in anticipation of the opening ceremony on Sunday.  (Tomorrow's post will feature our first week's assignment which was to create a sacred space in our homes so stop back to see mine.)

I must be 39 years old or something because I have noticed a slow decline in my vision over the past year.  This week I was reduced to wearing these magnifying reading glasses while reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.  No matter how cute they may be, they reminded me of my Grandmother and I had to chuckle to myself about this crazy process of turning into old people a little bit more everyday.    

We spent a long, long evening in the ER on Thursday.  KC (in the red) slipped horrendously while goofing in the bathtub and I thought he may have fractured his femur.  He absolutely refused to walk on it for the four hours we endured in the ultra-boring and ultra-busy ER.  My husband arrived directly from the airport and held my hand as we worried about growth plates, casts, not being able to walk etc... 
 Luckily for all of us, the x-rays turned out fine and lo and behold...

he walked out of the ER at 11:00pm.  Thanks be to GOD!

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  1. So glad your son is okay, but I know you were scared! And I'm 39 and just started wearing the reading glasses too!

  2. So glad your son is fine! I LOVE the doodle.

  3. Beautiful sunset! Thanking God with you that your son is ok. They scare us sometimes don't they? Always another reason for gray hairs. ;)

  4. So glad your little boy is okay! Can't tell you how many "false alarms" we've had like that over the years (and more than our fair share of real ones!). We've learned to have a "waiting period" before enduring the ER. I saw the title and my heart skipped a beat!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the ER pic, with the brother in the bed ; I thought Dad was a doc at first, giving a posterior shot! Want to check Liz's blog that you mentioned, too.

  6. praise God for a clean bill of health!

  7. Oh I'm so glad he's okay! What a fright! (And wow- the camera on your phone rocks- what a gorgeous photo!)

  8. I had to laugh at your pretty - I could just picture your boys in the back seat. LOL I am getting old too since I'm noticing I have a strain more to see small print. And I am so glad KC is okay! Scary.

  9. BTW, I had to come back here quickly. I was just thinking, 39? I seriously thought you were ten yeass younger. You've got such a young look. :-)

  10. That's a beautiful sunset! Glad your little one is ok. You made me remember our ER visits with various kids over the years. I always wondered if I should pack a snack for the long wait. Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't. Glad to find your blog again.:)

  11. Gorgeous sunset. Just like the ones I'm reading about in one of the many books I'm reading...either Little House, or My Antonio...I don't know, but they described it just like that! Happy to hear your little fellow is okay! Scary! Oh, and, did you know, I've always wanted to have bad eye sight so I can wear those granny glasses? I think they are so stylish! Haha, too may not happen for a while, my vision is excellent. =)

  12. I'm so glad he's ok! What an ordeal.
    I love the sunset photo - gorgeous!

  13. A blessing that your boy's leg is fine!!

  14. What is it with boys and ERs? Mine has landed there 3 times in the last 3 years (my girls never). So glad things turned out well and you'll be back at basketball practice this week :)


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