iPhone Camera Creativity

Peach fuzz.

Cozy moment at the end of a longish day.

Have you ever tried to use your camera phone to take artistic photos?  I have been surprised at how interesting the photos can be using such a small camera.  Try getting in closer to your subject than you would normally ever do.  Allow the camera to refocus itself on the small object and snap yourself a surprise.

In the photos above, I followed the prompts from Liz Lamoreux as part of the Create Space on-line class I am taking.  She suggested we take our cameras on a creative walk and find something tiny, fading, surprising etc...  I was surprised to see a baby bud on the branch of our maple tree.  My son's baby face peach fuzz lit up in the light through the living room window while we watched Thomas the Train together. I caught the reflection of my iPhone in my sunglasses while waiting in the school drive up line.  Down on my knees in the mulch, a mini universe appeared in the moss along the air conditioning unit.  In our front yard a fading camellia flower drooped sweetly on the evergreen branches.  In the evening light of the lamp, my son and I snuggled together on the sofa, exhausted after three hours spent in the walk-in clinic that afternoon.  

When I am short on time to sit with my paints or to write in my journals, taking a photograph which captures an emotion as well as an image fills my creative tank in a new and simple way.   Being able to share the photos on Instagram is a way of connecting with a creative community and being inspired at the way others see the world through the lens of their cameras.

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  1. These are really nice. My Iphone photos seem so much grainier than these.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I'll have to play around with my iphone. thanks.

  3. absolutely lovely... i adore the tiny worlds of green that the earth holds. such promise. much love to you today.

  4. Things do look so different through the lens! Wonderful photos!

  5. Your photo's came out so pretty. It is amazing how good the iphone works. You also have an eye for beauty in unlikely places. Have a great weekend!


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