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Italian Date Night {Menu Plan Monday}

Dessert and coffee

A rarity in our lives, my husband and I actually went out to dinner without our three sons on Saturday night!  Our school has begun a new Parents' Night Out Movie and Pizza party once a month.  The kids bring their sleeping bags and settle in to watch a movie in the school cafeteria complete with popcorn, pizza and their friends' company.  This past weekend the movie was Dolphin Tale and my sons loved it so much they want to watch it again as a family.

This Saturday we were craving pasta so we went to a little local shop that was made famous when Guy Fieri stopped in to sample the legendary stuffed meatballs.   The owner is a native of Naples, Italy and is actually more of a pastry chef than a cook.  We started off with a bowl of giant, fresh mussels in a garlic wine broth.  I could have been finished eating right there they were so delicious.  The beautiful coffees and a slice of chocolate dipped raspberry and lobster cream cake was a sweet ending to a lovely, snowy evening.  It was an early Valentine's Day treat for us.

Since our family has moved several times in the past decade, we rarely take the time to locate a babysitter.  However, one of my new year's resolutions this year is to make a point to at least have one date night a month with my husband of nearly 15 years.  At this busy stage in our lives and with how often he travels, we can go weeks without having time to sit alone together and really discuss the direction of our lives.  We both recognize that so little time for us can potentially create an emotional distance and thankfully, neither one of us wants that!


MONDAY~ Spaghetti Amatraciana  with steamed green beans (never did make this last week!)
TUESDAY (Valentine's Day) ~ LO spaghetti and Red Velvet heart-shaped cake
WEDNESDAY (RW's 10th Bday)~ Stuffed Green Peppers and easiest apple pie
THURSDAY~ OUT to celebrate boys' birthdays
FRIDAY(ZJ's 9th Bday)~ Paulie's Salmon and garlic mashed potatoes
SATURDAY~ OUT Basketball team party
SUNDAY~ Pizza for Boys' birthday party

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  1. I've got a date night scheduled for this weekend! It's the little things :) Thanks for sharing your menu, it looks great!

  2. You're so organised!!! Great for you :) The menu sure sounds very very good!

  3. So many underestimate the importance of time alone with their spouse. Glad to hear it's your new year's resolution.

  4. The food looks yummy!! Yes...we too have moved several times and it's important to make time for one another. We're almost empty nesters and we still have to work at having quality time with one another. It's worth it though!!

  5. A movie and pizza night at school with friends sounds like a blast! And what a great time for date night! Looks delicious. Such a great goal to have more date nights... so sweet and so important! :)


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