Hard Love {five minute friday}

Photo by M. Williams

I am joining with The Gypsy Mama  for a five minute un-edited free-write.

Hard love...

It begins so easily.  All infatuation and romance, breathless anticipation, dates, phone calls, just being together.  Only we two existing in the world of our own creation.  

Wedding bells ring, flower petals fall, honeymoon days and nights continue long after the suitcase is unpacked.  All is a blur of bliss and oneness.

But eventually the hard loving begins.  The love that must overlook, ignore, let it go, forgive.  This love is anything but easy.  It can grind and grate and before long the honeymoon days seem like a fantasy of someone else's life.  Suddenly the third member of the sacred union must intervene - the two that knelt before the altar now need more than they alone can provide.  

But the surprise is that the hardest love is the most rewarding, fulfilling, uniting love.  It is grown up, wrinkled, worn in love and it is so good because it is hard won.


  1. This is beautiful. I love how you describe the two who knelt before the altar needing more than they can provide, and the third member of the union... it is absolutely beautiful and true. Thank you for sharing it.

    In Peace,

  2. This is very profound. It is true that the hard love that has been through trials together becomes the most rewarding, and that is where Christ helps us grow in love. A three fold cord is not easily broken. Thank you for this encouraging post.

  3. The blog is very good!

  4. Enjoyed your post.

    Through the hard love of marriage we are refined!

    Have a blessed Easter!

  5. How true that we need all 3 strands to hold a marriage together. Well, said.


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