Strength In Numbers

While driving my boys to the park last week, I was compelled to stop and photograph this ethereal tree in full bloom.  From the road it appeared like a cloud of white butterflies on leafless branches. 

As I zoomed my camera in on a single bloom, I was impressed with the thought that this tree's beauty is really a product of the sheer number of individual blooms grouped together.  Each is beautiful on its own but together, they are breathtaking.


As people of faith we can each be lovely in our own way, on our own, but I believe that we are meant to gather together, to become a community of otherworldly radiance and strength.  When we meet together in church we not only shine our light for the world around us, but for one another too. 

Being together helps to give us courage to walk the path of holiness all week until we can gather again, refresh and renew our spirits.  Like a free spa-day for the soul.  


  1. Wonderful message today, Misty! Thanks!

  2. Great pictures and thoughts for my day.

  3. Beautiful words - beautiful photos - beautiful you! H2U!


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