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My Personal Mission Statement

Somewhere in my mid- 30s I came up with a personal mission statement - a reminder to myself, by myself, to be myself.

My motto became "Speak Your Truth."

Through the years I had come to realize that I was a bit of a people pleaser.  I listened well and rarely offered my true opinions to others.  If they asked me directly, I might hint around that I felt differently but for the most part, I got away with simply being a supportive listener.  

Until one day I had had enough of stuffing down my true feelings.  I wondered why everyone else had the right to spout their opinions so freely without concern of offending others while I hung back, silent, always protecting others' feelings rather than my own. 

"No one who lights a lamp hides it away or places it (under a bushel basket), but on a lampstand so that those who enter might see the light."  Luke 11:33 

I felt like I had been hiding my light under a bushel basket.  I began slowly, carefully trying to speak more clearly.  To share what was really in my heart.  I was afraid of losing friends.  But were they really friends with me or just the image of me that I was allowing them to see?  If they began to understand how I really felt about issues, what would happen?

Instead of others leaving me behind, I found myself letting go of acquaintance type friendships that were not real.  I was liberating myself and along the way I was growing in confidence in my own beliefs.  

People began looking to me for advice, for wisdom and complimenting my insights.  I realized that what I had been so afraid of revealing was the very gift God had been asking me to share.  

It has been the most authentic process of my adult life - to own my beliefs and to let myself be totally real.  I have no agenda, I am not out to convert others to my way of thinking at all. I am certainly not looking for confrontations.  Instead, I am simply comfortable in my own skin and no longer have need of that bushel basket.

Linking with Elizabeth to ponder Courage in the month of April


  1. This is so beautiful Misty. I still feel that for the most part, I have that bushel basket as a safeguard...and I truly don't know why. I suppose that, again, it has to do with how LOUD the world is, and I am desperately trying to hear the much quieter, more important voice of God. You are right, however, with regards to friendships...How important it is to surround ourselves with those who love us, challenge us, and allow us to be real. Thank you again.

  2. I came here to type my comment about your post, and read Mary Jo's comment, and now I don't know if I should comment about your post or Mary Jo's comment...they are both beautiful!!

    Ok, so being fortunate enough to be one of your friends, I am so continually blessed by your wisdom, guidance, listening, and advising every time we talk. Let it be known to everyone that, even when Misty is challenging me with something that I need to face in light of the topic at hand, her words are eloquent, gentle, and honest. Thank you, Misty, for speaking the truth. H2U!

  3. LOVE this post. Thanks so much for sharing this oh-so-important story about the courage and the will to be your authentic self. Such a great lesson for all of us, most especially for parenting (and grandparenting) the children in our lives. Being, speaking and walking the truth is what we're invited and encouraged to do as followers of Jesus and I thank God with you that you found your own voice and live your own truth.


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