On Distance {five minute friday}

I am joining with Gypsymama for a five minute un-edited free-write.

On Distance...

As Americans, distance does not phase us.  Traveling to Spain years ago I realized that it was not unusual for a Spaniard, who lives in a country roughly the size of Texas,  never to have traveled even to the coast of their own gorgeous land.  

For me, a wide-open-plains kind of Mid-westerner, driving three hours to play a basketball game and home again the same day was normal.  Even driving cross country in two-or-three days is not a huge deal for most of us.

Distance is part of the fiber of my adult life.  Since I left home for college, three hours away, I have progressively moved farther and farther from where I grew up.  My husband and I had to learn to be one another's entire family.  Friendships became essential parts of each new city we inhabited because without them, we were utterly alone.  

Still there is a beauty to living so far away from those you love the most.  Each visit in person is distilled into the most important details of life - skip the small talk, let's get to the soul talk, my favorite kind.    


  1. What a nice post! You make the distance sound like an adventure and that is a very good way to look at it.

    I'm here from Gypsy Mama's post. Have a great day!

  2. 'Soul talk' - that is my favorite kind too.
    I enjoyed your writing today.

  3. Love the line "My husband and I had to learn to be each other's entired family." I live quite a distance from my family and feel the same way.

  4. I miss our "soul talks" sipping coffee at your house once a week! But I love the next chapter of our friendship journey across the distance - - You speaking to souls over this blog while I read your words, hearing your voice in my mind and still sipping my coffee. Love ya, girl!


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