Colonial Williamsburg :: a field trip


Last week I was able to accompany my 4th grade son, RW, on a field trip to historic Williamsburg, Virginia.  It was so much fun and so beautiful I had to share the photos with you as well.  Come along with us, back in time, to the early days of America.

Part of the charm of this place is that there are people everywhere dressed in the clothes of the time and they speak and relate to one another as if they are still back in time.

Can you imagine how old this tree must be?  Think of the history it has witnessed.  If you look closely you might see some people sitting beneath the canopy on benches.

Inside this octagonal building called the Magazine are the military weapons and goods used in the time of the Revolutionary War.

You may go inside many of the shops that are still operating today.  This door inside the Joiner's building was so short I would have had to bend over to enter the next room.

Inside the courthouse where the English King and Queen still reigned.

The Capitol Building where men gathered on May 15th, 1776 to debate the move for Independence.

The Governor's Palace.

Isn't this a lovely bed?  Why did we ever do away with bed curtains?  They are so romantic.

The gallows.

The Jailhouse or Public Gaol.

This jail cell is actually 300 years old and was used to house several of Blackbeard's pirates.

A haunting view from the cell window.

The Tailor.

Fits RW to a T.

The Carpenter.

If you ever have the chance to visit Williamsburg you should.  It was well worth the trip!


  1. Marvelous visit...
    Best regards from France,


  2. Wow! It's so pretty and that tree is magnificent! Loved your photos, Misty - they're really beautiful.

    God bless:-)

  3. So pretty! Thanks for taking me along your trip. What a beautiful place. I love that window picture and the big tree w/ the cut wood below it.

  4. What lovely photography! Makes me want to go too. Ah... I miss tulip trees. Their big leaves are always so stunning. Thanks for sharing your trip!


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