A few days ago I bumped along the highway in the back of a greyhound style bus full of fourth grade children.  We were on our way to Colonial Williamsburg for a "trip back in time" as eyewitnesses to early colonial life.  We arrived, myself a bit queasy, and began a quiet tour through empty cobblestone streets. After a stop at the carpenter's shop, the tailor's and the military magazine, we paused for lunch beneath a wooden-framed arbor covered in flowering vines.  
Against the white-washed wooden building next door was a patch of magenta foxgloves already six feet tall and glowing in the gentle sunshine.  I lifted my camera to get a shot when into my frame flew a fat fuzzy bumble bee.  His legs were heavy laden with golden pollen but he greedily gathered more.  Here he is upon liftoff ~ moving on to the next patch of old-time blooms.

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  1. Oh! So lovely!
    (Hope the ride home wasn't so bumpy!)

  2. Wow, Misty!!! GREAT shot!!! This is just beautiful. And I love the way you write and I also really like your new header. =)

  3. beautiful! you even captured those pretty little dots on the undersides of the petals!! Nice to meet you.

  4. ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!

  5. Stunning photography! I loved your description of your outing, Misty.
    God bless:-)

  6. Beautiful capture Misty! Sounds like a fun trip! :)

  7. fantastic photo! plus I love foxglove!

  8. Oh, I love this one.
    Thank you for linking up again :)


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