Coffee :: Always a Good Idea

Did you have a nice Mother's Day?  My sweet sister gifted me with a wooden sign saying "COFFEE Always A Good Idea" which could be a motto for our little family of three (my mom, sister and me).  We are the kind of girls who think coffee goes well with sunrise, breakfast, afternoon snack and after dinner dessert.  Coffee is the best accompaniment to reading a magazine, cozying up with a novel, or sitting in the wingback chair chatting on the phone with a friend.  Coffee warms the hands, heart and conversation and tastes even better when shared.  If you didn't treat yourself to a cuppa on Mother's Day, maybe today you can find the time to do so.  (The espresso creation in the photo can be found here and the caramel drizzle recipe can be found here.)


  1. While my mom and grandma are huge coffee fans... me not so much. Occasionally with yummy flavors and milk added to 'tame' the coffee! lol But I have to say your cup here looks delicious! Happy you had a happy mother's day! :)


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