Nature In My Own Backyard {PHFR}

Somehow nearly a week has passed since I posted on my blog. I guess when your little guy turns four and your sister and brother-in-law come for the weekend, blogging takes a bit of a backseat.  Today I wanted to post especially because my blogging friend, Elisa from Elisa Loves, is hosting a brand new link-up party she is calling a "Garden Party".  She writes:

After a long day, I steal a few minutes outside with my camera. All alone. Even though I don't live in a cabin in the woods on a lake, I can find peace in nature right here, in the middle of the city, in the neighborhood, in the garden, barefoot on the grass, among the daisies and the bumblebees.
Yay! Time for our very first Nature Walk "Garden Party". Take a stroll with me around the house.

So, I took a little stroll around my house and here are some PHFR sights I found.


Pansies in bloom on my deck.    I have never grown these before but I am a pansy convert.  Not only are they super easy and hardy, they smell wonderful.

As I strolled along the tree line behind the house, I looked up and saw not the leaves but rather the empty space between them.  A heart!  It was a silent reminder to me to look beyond what is easily visible to see the love in a given situation (or person).


Oh my goodness did I have fun chasing after Peter Rabbit and his bride.  I first noticed him sitting in the mulch as I glanced out the kitchen window.  When he snuck beneath the deck I grabbed my camera and went out to investigate.  
I was certainly surprised to see the cozy little love nest he was digging in the shady sand beneath our deck.  Then I captured a few photos of him scampering away and meeting up with momma bunny behind the fence.  I will be watching to see what develops!


One aspect of our yard I don't particularly like are the flying insects our flowers attract.  Can you see the iridescent fly on the tip of the hydrangea leaf?  And of course we have so many paper wasps that love to sun themselves on the wooden deck.  The first year we move here, KC stepped on one while barefoot and had the scariest moment of his 1 1/2 years of life when that wasp stung him!  A year later, KC actually tried to pick up one of those wasps to get a closer look and got stung not once, but twice on his hand and arm.  (I can still hear his screams in my head!) The good news is that they generally leave people alone if we do the same but we have learned to wear flip flops on the deck.
If you have a chance to take a stroll with your camera outdoors, please stop over at Elisa's Garden Party and share it with all of us.

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  1. Oh my goodness..I loooove the colors in the first two photographs. What lens are you using? Haha, that bunny is so adorable! I saw one yesterday here too, but he was too fast for me, and we always have had a turkey strolling through the neighborhood yards, the oddest thing. =)

    1. I am just using the macro lens and lots of post-processing alterations!

  2. Such a fun stroll through your backyard! Beautiful flowers. Happy animals. Wasps... not so fun! :)

  3. My girls got a kick out of seeing your real Peter Rabbit!!

  4. Hi Misty,
    Happy to 'meet' you via Elisa's Nature Walk! Your photographs are gorgeous! Seems many of us have bunnies in our gardens. :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend & Happy Mother's Day!
    ~ Zuzu

  5. I might have bunnies eating my plants but at least they aren't trying to dig in and take up residence. :-)
    I enjoyed the photos in your yard and like the sentiment in your header.


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