Small Success Thursday :: Little Bliss List

1.  I made my first batch of cinnamon rolls from scratch. Making it even better was that they were made with ultra-rich brioche dough. 

2.  Got to spend a beautiful day outdoors with my ten year old son and his classmates while touring beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia.

3.  Enjoyed several strong thunderstorms while cozy and safe at home with my boys.

 4.  Cheered my husband (on the left) and his running buddy to the finish line of the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

5.  Hooked up the hose and laughed as the boys soaked one another.  Summer begins!

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  1. The cinnamon rolls are making my mouth water! Williamsburg is one of my favorite places -- you are lucky to be so close. Looks like all your boys had an eventful week! :D :D Wishing you a blissful week!

  2. I didn't know that people enjoyed thunderstorms. My daughter likes photos of backs too. It just makes me wonder - perhaps, I am not artistic enough.

  3. Love your bliss list such great moments. The cinnamon rolls are bringing back memories of those that my Mom would make when I was young. I think may need to ask for the recipe so I could make them too. Wishing you another blissful week. xoox Lori

  4. Such a beautiful week Misty! I am SO impressed by those cinnamon rolls. I miss thunderstorms (we don't get them often here on the coast)...they really are spectacular. Hope you have a blissful week!

  5. Love your photos. Ok, sorry, I think I say that every single time I visit your blog..but I love them! They are so great! And your new blog header collage is awesome too.


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