Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {backyard edition}

PRETTY~ I see the moon and the moon sees me!  Lately I have been enjoying going for a walk while the kids are getting ready for bed (supervised by my husband of course) at twilight.  I am catching up on these wonderful podcasts while I walk. You cannot imagine how many hunting spiders I see scurrying off the sidewalk as I come along.  It is so fun to see beautiful yards lit up with spotlights and I admit that I love to look through open windows and see families gathered around the TV or table.  These strolls have become a form of meditation for me.

HAPPY~ We have taken a "staycation" this week.  We didn't even leave the house Monday or Tuesday.  On Wednesday the boys each invited their best friends over to play.  ZJ and his buddy both want to be authors someday so they began their latest stories using the quill and parchment set we found in Philidelphia.  KC also began his writing career at the kitchen island.

FUNNY~  After shelling and eating peanuts on the deck, the boys called me out to see the action heroes they created using peanuts.  This is Captain Nutty.  I am always amazed at how creative kids can be!

REAL~  After the boys had gone inside to play, I came out to the deck for a quiet moment to write in my journal.  Earlier, I had asked my sons to turn off the hoses and clean up the yard.  When I sat down on the deck I noticed that they had failed to turn off the sprinkler.  Frustration was beginning to well up when I noticed a flapping noise.  Looking closer I saw four red-breasted robins having a shower in the gentle rain of the sprinkler.  They flapped, dipped and shook themselves again and again, clearly delighting in the opportunity to cool off from the heat and I was glad the boys had left their job undone.



  1. Great pictures :) I love Captain Nutty. And those lucky robins!

  2. it took me a moment to make out cpt. nutty. too cute!

  3. That first photo is absolutely beautiful. Sounds like you have had a full and happy week.

  4.!! I love walking too, but I don't do it too much in Texas! It's still hot even after the sun has gone down. Those podcasts sound great. I have never figured out how to put podcasts on my ipod. How silly.

  5. This was a lovely post. The first photo is great and the caption so true for many of us. I am liking the idea of staycation.

  6. Captain Nutty made me smile - - big! Tell the boys thanks =)

  7. Sounds like you had a great week! I LOVE walking, it's just so peaceful and fun, even though it's super hot outside where I am. Captain Nutty is super cute, and those robins are precious!


~Grace and peace to you~

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