Savoring Summer Saturdays {Arnold Palmer}


If a curvy, sweet glass of lemonade married a tall, cool drink of iced tea and they had a baby, it would be named Arnold Palmer.  This is my husband's all-time favorite summertime drink and it is so easy to make.  (hint - you don't even have to make your lemonade from scratch)

Simply mix up your favorite lemonade as well as your favorite unsweetened iced tea.  
Fill a glass with ice then pour halfway with tea and top off with lemonade.  
You will be in summertime heaven.

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  1. Oh my- this is my family's drink! My husband who "hates" tea love a good Arnold Palmer. Arizona Tea now makes Arnold Palmer. Yummmm...

  2. I've been keeping a big pitcher of country time and decaf sun tea in the fridge and we've been having these all summer. I love your glasses! They look sturdy and stylish.

  3. Sounds delish! I will be trying this soon. :) Visiting from a blog hop...not sure which one.

  4. I'm off to the store to find that baby {Arnie Palmer}!

    I forgot all about this summertime drink. I just love the name of it alone!

    Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog!


  5. Looks tasty! Does it taste more like lemonade? or iced tea? or a unique take all unto itself?


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