Philadelphia Freedom Tour Part 2 {Elfreth's Alley}

Come along with me for a trip back in time.
Let's stroll down the oldest residential street in America. 
People still live here.  
They are packed into row houses that are loaded with history and quaint detail. 
I wonder - who was Elfreth? 
The day we visited there was an open house at #130.
We went inside.
The house is four stories and literally consists of one room above another.
This is the Master Suite at the very top.
I could reach overhead and touch the ceiling.
There were no doors to the stairs.
That is truly a drop off! 
No handrails either. 
Not exactly child-safe. 
This narrow space is the dining room!
Here is the Zillow rental info if your interest is piqued. 
RW age nine. 
 ZJ age eight.

KC age three. 

The real history of this place was in the basement.
The smell of damp dirt filled the humid stone space.
How many stores of food were kept here over the years?
Did families huddle here during terrible storms?
My boys' imaginations ran wild. 

The English spirit survives.
And the American spirit thrives.
Loved this boot scraper. 

Life continues on along Elfreth's Alley
  probably much as it has for hundreds of years. 


  1. Misty~love your pics!! I would have met you there : ) It's so quaint in that area. (I live in Philly)~Theresa

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I live 1/2 hour outside of Philly and all the times I have gone to Philly, I have never seen it. Great Pictures!


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