Grateful {5 minute friday}

Joining with The Gypsy Mama for a five minute un-edited free write about the topic of her choice:  grateful... 

Grateful.  Grate ~ ful.  Grate is a no longer used word meaning pleasing.  Am I grate ~ full?  I let my eyes sweep my immediate surroundings and I see many pleasing things.  A robin's egg blue coffee mug, a candle tossing red and silver light across my mahogany desktop, a stack of four different Bibles topped with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Just beyond these sea green walls three little boys alternately giggle and argue over whose turn it is to play the Xbox.  Over my head I hear the footsteps of my other half as he goes through the morning motions before plunging into another long day of work meetings, calls and demands.

Back to the still-rain-dropped window, I see a woman running along our sidewalk, slowly, as if no more than a fast walk with a hop added in and I feel the pleasure sink soul deep inside.   Yes.  I am grateful and grate ~ful.  This life I lead, this blessed life,  so much more than these objects I see and touch each day, fills me with peace and comfort.  I am home.   My children are happy.  My husband is fulfilled. My God delights in our happiness.  This is sacred work I do and I am stopping time to see.  to notice.  to pray.  to be grateful.



  1. I didn't know the origins of the word grate. So interesting. Also like taking the time to look around to see the things that fill our lives and be grate-ful.

  2. You have beautiful descriptions - I especially like the woman running slow in the rain. :) The grateful in the simplicity was lovely.

  3. Beautiful post, Misty! God bless you!


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