Home Away From Home

My sister's dish of glass berries with my real jam in the background.

We have just spent the weekend with my sister and her husband at their most comfortable and comforting home.  Today we hit the road again to return to our home, suntanned and satisfied with the joy-filled time spent together.  Living near family is a new development in our lives and it is marvelous!  (And that is considering a six hour drive  to be living nearby.)   

date (over)night with my husband
built in (free) babysitters
handstands in the pool
colored pencil sketches on the patio
nearly being lost on my morning walk
funky Mass music
fro yo 
time alone with  my sister
shopping in girly shops
Unc and his nephews playing Wii
thunderstorms at midnight
getting my sister on Pinterest too
children who adore their Auntie and Unc
an Auntie and Unc who adore their nephews


  1. Wonderful. Family grounds us.. it's our personal connection to life that is unique to us alone. So glad you had a precious time.

    Now I have to ask (does this date me), what means fro yo? :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. How funny, Debbie. I was just going to ask Misty the same ?. What is fro yo, Misty??

  3. I must be dating myself! Fro yo is frozen yogurt from TCBY no less. It was delicious.

  4. How wonderful to spend the weekend with your sister! Love frozen yogurt. Also love leftovers. I just got my sister started on pinterest too! Love the photo... so beautiful! :)

  5. This is so very sweet.... Sisters are special, and time together is precious.

  6. Family fun, fond memories, strengthening bonds (auntie/unc/boys, sister/sister, AND hubby/you!), sharing time in this busy, busy world. Perfect. H2U


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