Friday, April 13, 2012

Goodbyes {5 Minute Friday}

Good-Bye  ::  Freewrite for five minutes ~ no editing, no re-writing ~ just write.

God-be-with-ye is what it really means but byes are not often very good.  I think of all the bad-byes I have had in my 39 years.  The earliest was one I knew not that I was saying, my father lying unconscious on the bathroom floor, my two year old self unaware he had said good-bye forever.  I remember tearfully good-bying my fiancé in the valley of the highway, he heading back south, me straight north, my sobs the only music for many miles.  Adios to my Grandma who passed while I was an ocean away, Auf wiedersehen dear Grandpa after months of bone-eating cancer, Cheerio dainty Grandma Dorothy leaving us at Christmastide just a few years ago.   No, most good-byes are not that good but when I remember to remember God-be-with-ye there is hope, there is peace, there is a future hello.



  1. "God-be-with-ye." I like thinking of it that way. And you're right, it does change the meaning to something much more positive!

  2. So thankful for the "God-be-with-you's!" As I said good-bye to my daddy last October - God was with him and he was saying HELLO to Jesus. Lovely post.

  3. Beautiful. I needed this today. I've been missing my sweet mom this week. No more good byes. God be with you. Thank you.

  4. I received a Liebster Blog Award and since you are one of my favorite blogs, I wanted to pass it along to you! Enjoy :)


~Grace and peace to you~

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