Goodbyes {5 Minute Friday}

Good-Bye  ::  Freewrite for five minutes ~ no editing, no re-writing ~ just write.

God-be-with-ye is what it really means but byes are not often very good.  I think of all the bad-byes I have had in my 39 years.  The earliest was one I knew not that I was saying, my father lying unconscious on the bathroom floor, my two year old self unaware he had said good-bye forever.  I remember tearfully good-bying my fiancĂ© in the valley of the highway, he heading back south, me straight north, my sobs the only music for many miles.  Adios to my Grandma who passed while I was an ocean away, Auf wiedersehen dear Grandpa after months of bone-eating cancer, Cheerio dainty Grandma Dorothy leaving us at Christmastide just a few years ago.   No, most good-byes are not that good but when I remember to remember God-be-with-ye there is hope, there is peace, there is a future hello.


  1. "God-be-with-ye." I like thinking of it that way. And you're right, it does change the meaning to something much more positive!

  2. So thankful for the "God-be-with-you's!" As I said good-bye to my daddy last October - God was with him and he was saying HELLO to Jesus. Lovely post.

  3. Beautiful. I needed this today. I've been missing my sweet mom this week. No more good byes. God be with you. Thank you.

  4. I received a Liebster Blog Award and since you are one of my favorite blogs, I wanted to pass it along to you! Enjoy :)


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