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Unfurling Into Yoga {52 Photos::Beginning}

What are you beginning right now?

What a great time to ask me this question.  Here at the high point of Spring, when school days are falling faster through the hourglass of time and the days are growing ever longer, here is where I begin to feel the urge to renew.  Suddenly I want a new routine, newly washed windows, new veggies in the pantry and new clothes in my wardrobe.  Because I tend toward excess in nearly every aspect of my life, I have to be careful not to begin too many things at once only to flop hard on my face when I am suddenly overwhelmed with all the new requirements I have imposed on myself.  

So, I have been considering this prompt and wondering where I most need to begin.  What one baby step can I afford to take right now that would benefit my life and scratch the itch of wanting everything renewed?

The answer bubbles up quite easily.  Yoga.  I began practicing yoga years and years ago.  It was a natural choice for me.  I am drawn to anything gentle, contemplative and beautiful.  I practiced so much before I had children that I can still recall that amazing feeling of touching my forehead to my shins in forward bend.  I also recall lying on my back in pre-natal yoga, suddenly paralyzed with sciatic pain as tears slid from the corners of my eyes to puddle in my hair.  Two years ago I began attending yoga regularly at my gym and rediscovered how much I love the quiet power of strengthening my body.  Unfortunately, I loved it so much I seriously injured my elbow and had to stop to heal.  It has been almost five months since I last practiced and I am ready to begin, again.

My brand new emerald green extra cushy mat is already in the car.  The class begins at 12:30 today. How fitting that the class is called "Beginner Yoga."  As out of shape as I am it feels like a safe re-entry point.  And I must admit, I can't wait.  So, like those little green ferns above, gently unfurling into their new life, I will go gently back into yoga and unfurl into my own quiet strength.


  1. lovely.

    i love ferns. there is something beautiful about watching them unfurl.

    i found yoga about 10 years ago too. there is something as you say about "the quiet power of strengthening your body" i find myself so gentle and strong at the same time on the mat.

    i have been out of practice for awhile, but a sign came in the form of a friend who handed me a flyer for yoga in the park by the river this weekend. i think i might need to just reach out and join in.

    good luck and go easy!!

  2. I love these photos! And I can feel your excitement at getting "back to the mat." After practicing yoga for some years, I'm now dealing with the reality of multiple herniated disks and was advised not to do yoga any more—but that's just not an option. Take it easy and enjoy! Namaste --

  3. Wow these are such gorgeous photos! I have never done yoga before. It has always looked interesting though! Hope you have a wonderful time getting back into it Misty!

  4. I love the fern photos, especially the second one, with that gorgeous shade of green.

  5. You tell a good story and take lovely photos. I have often thought of taking yoga classes. Hmmmm.

  6. I love your photos this week!
    Lot's of luck & love with your yoga practice.

  7. love your connection of the unfurling ferns and yoga.
    i am so with you on the "anything gentle, contemplative, and beautiful". that's the part of yoga that speaks to my heart. i hope you had a wonderful class...

  8. Hi Misty! I have tagged you in the 11 Questions game! Head over to my blog to see what to do. I hope you don't mind playing along!

  9. Awesome photography ~ looks like fiddleheads? ~ Interesting that you and I have both started back to Yoga ~ mine is called Gentle Yoga and I love it ~ peaceful yet stretches muscles and meditative too ~ hope you enjoy yours ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  10. i hope the class went well. i just recently started getting back into yoga too. slowly...

  11. Ah yoga had my first class ever a few weeks ago. Need to clear one day a week fir it somehow it was so relaxing and felt so good. Take it easy no more injuries

  12. Me too! I am better at Pilates, Classical Pilates and used to take it at a Ballet. It was awesome and so good for my body. Now I have a Y membership and there is Pi-Yo. I enjoy it, but it is in the evenings, so I can only go once a week. =( I really enjoy this type of exercise though. Love your pictures. I have a little fern one I snapped too.

  13. You have a wonderful blog with gorgeous photos; I, too, practice yoga- I attend with a marvelous Iyengar instructor and simply could not do without it! Good luck to you getting back into it- it will happen.....


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