VLOG :: Springtime Makeup at Target

1.  I made my first video blog.  My favorite bloggers share videos from time to time and have inspired me to try it myself.  Here is an example of a recent video I love from Liz Lamoreux ~ Poetry and Smash Books.
2.  I made my first VLOG and I am sharing it IN PUBLIC - aaack!  
3.  As I may have mentioned, this is my FIRST VLOG so please be gentle when noticing the obvious flaws. (such as not looking in the right camera, background noise, talking too fast...)  
4.  I am really not only concerned with make-up but I just had to share the cheap products I am currently loving for Spring from Target.  It truly is my favorite place to shop.
5.  And I must mention that every. single. product. I use on my skin I buy at Target.  It's true. No - they are not paying me to say this although it would be great if they did!  I have really allergic skin so finding inexpensive products that I can actually use has been a long trial and error process.
6.  Ok, I think I am ready for you to watch it now.  Go ahead.  Click the little play arrow.  

7.  I have so many more things for Spring from Target I think I may have to share more next week.  Stay tuned!

P.S.  I used the MOSO free app to make this clip.  It is loaded with fun effects and options like the glowy filter I chose.  :)  If you have any videos you have made - please share links in the comments so I can click over and watch.  

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  1. Hey, this was GREAT! :) You are natural in front of the camera, and I don't think you talked too fast at all.

    Plus, I got some good ideas for my next make-up restock. Thanks. :)

    1. Aw thanks Sarah - now you try it with your little posy singing in the background. We would all melt!

  2. Rimmel lip gloss is my absolute favorite also..I adore their mascara also. Great vlog girl. WOW..so fancy...I still haven't gotten making mine so fancy..and I've been vlogging for years..lol. Your a pro!

    1. Thanks Angela for the encouragement and the vouch on Rimmel! I will be visiting your site and watching your vids later today. :)

  3. Hey Misty, I've been quietly following your blog thru a reader. I was tickled to see that you'd done a vlog because that way I get to see and hear you, too! I think you did really well, especially for a first time!

    Thanks for the makeup tips. I'm a contact lens wearer so I'll have to see if the eyeliner and mascara are waterproof. I will definitely check out Rimmel's lipstick and gloss.

    Good to see you! :)
    Debbie Grace

  4. Hi Misty,

    I absolutely love reading your blog! It's become a part of my nighttime reading routine over the past few months:)

    And your VLOG was really cute:) I have not tried Rimmel before, but that mascara looked awesome!

    Joan :)

  5. Catching up on Misty's Mornings after missing it lately...LOVE seeing your beautiful, shining soul come through on this vlog! Of course, you are beautiful and shining on the outside, too (especially with some cool makeup products :)). Do I see some endorsement deals in your future! :D H2U!

  6. This was fun! You did great! I am glad you posted about all that stuff, b/c I seriously need to get me some mascara and have been wanting a good recommendation, so I'm going to check it out. Thanks!! =)

  7. Awesome vlog! I love shopping at Target, also and will try some of your suggested products. I have been using some from the Bobbi Brown line, and they are so expensive!


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