Lazy Sunday Morning Thoughts

Ranunculus from Trader Joe's.  They are the perfect antidote to a gray day outside.

Good Sunday morning.  Are you enjoying your weekend?  I hope so.  It is pouring rain here today - all day - so I foresee lots of coffee and coziness in the future.  Maybe even some time to read a book or work in my Smashbooks.  Definitely need to plan the week's meals as well as put away the four laundry baskets of clean and folded clothes that are lined up in the upstairs hallway.  
We are having a lazy morning before going to church at noon.  The boys and my husband are playing endless games of NHL and soccer on X-box while I am enjoying time to catch up on my e-courses :  Poem It Out and Swan Dive.  I have gotten so far behind since April has swept me up like a wave and just now dropped me off on the shore.  This week is designated "Catch Up Week" for certain.
What does your Sunday look like?  How about your week ahead?  I would enjoy hearing about it.

Grace and peace to you today and all days.


  1. beautiful flowers!

    I am on catch up duty as well. Sorting and purging through the laundry and off season clothing.


  2. Hello! I followed you over from Vivienne McMasters' blog. Lovely flower photos! So soft and dreamy. And OH, both of those courses sound so good--they're definitely on my wishlist. Today I'm enjoying a beautiful blue sky and my first lawn-mow of the season. Smells so good!

  3. Ohh... I love rainy days. These flowers are gorgeous! I often feel like I am having a 'catch up' week! lol


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