Can You Guess Where I've Been?


Can you guess where my family and I visited over Easter break?
These photos are just a hint but feel free to leave your guess in the comments. 
 The answer and more photos soon to come.

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  1. Monticello? Looks like it was a lovely day there.

  2. So gorgeous Misty . . . and I would guess Monticello with the architecture, gardens and the T.J. initials. I've never been there and would love to visit! Thanks for sharing your Easter break trip with us!

  3. I don't know... but it sure is beautiful!! Looks like a wonderful way to spend Easter break! :)

  4. You all are good guessers! Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville, Virginia is absolutely correct. It blew my mind. I didn't want to leave!


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