Five Reasons for Bloggers Block

Once August hit, my bloggy brain seemed to go on an extended vacation of its own.  As I was doing dishes last night, began to see there were a few major reasons.  Since I still don't have anything profound to blog about, I decided to post the five main reasons for my recent bout of  blogger's block.

1.  Pinterest. 

There.  I've admitted it.  It washed over Blogland like a wave this summer and I resisted it for quite a while.  Then, I joined.  And.  I.   loved.   it.  I tried to make my friends and family join, too, so I wouldn't feel so bad about my new pastime (thanks for joining sis!).   Unfortunately, when sitting before a blank computer screen with no major ideas about which to write, thinking "I'll just pop over to Pinterest to get a bit of inspiration"  leads to a chunk of time gone and no new ideas for writing.   "Well, I guess I'll just post tomorrow " is just when the whole scene repeats itself.  Still, not giving up Pinterest.  It is genius.

2.  Having too much to write.   

Ironically, I also feel overwhelmed by all I do want to write.  Back to school ideas,  living life in the slow lane, delicious recipes, the importance of friendship, books I'm reading, deaths in the family, tips for Catholic newbies and on and on it goes.  Sometimes too many ideas can be as paralyzing as too few.

3.  Saving a good idea for later.

I am excited to mention that, after I responded to an open call for guest writers, I was invited to write six posts to share over at Catholic Mothers Online.  Suddenly all those really good post ideas seemed like I had better "save them" for posting over there.  Plus, I am totally over-analyzing what type of post I should write for that space.   Which leads me to #4...

4.  Being too aware of my "audience". 

All I can say about this is that I began my blog for myself as a creative outlet.  Anytime I start thinking "but what do they want to read" I clam up.  Need to stick with what my own heart wants to say and let the readers read it.  Or not.

5.  Summer.

'Nuff said, right?  You get it, I know.  This has simply been the best summer of my mothering life and I am not feeling at all guilty for relishing it.  So, as my boys go back to school next week, I am looking forward to going back to really blogging.  

Do you ever get blogger's block?  How do you deal with it? 




  1. I loved it when you said that sometimes too many ideas can be as paralyzing as too few. Sooooo very true in every aspect of our lives!! Thanks so much for your honesty...I am sure that many other bloggers out there are breathing a sigh of relief that you put their feelings into words and gave them a 'pass' that it's ok to have blogger's block! Write for yourself, and we will all be so lucky - because we all love YOU!!! H2U!

  2. LOL! You read my mind! Every. single. reason.

    Still, will be back again soon:)

  3. Misty, I had the same problem recently!

    When I was asked to tag 5 bloggers for the patron saint meme, I thought of you. Is this something you could write about? I hope so!

  4. Oh goodness. I wanted to comment right away when I read this, and instead... decided to blog about it as well. You are so right with every point... Once again, I thank you for your words. :)


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