Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {odds and ends}

~PRETTY ~ Our Crape Myrtle trees bloomed beautifully this year after a summer of dormancy last year.  When you get really close up they are amazingly detailed flowers.

~HAPPY~  The weather suddenly shifted this week and the breeze feels - dare I say it? - cooler.   Therefore, I have spent many happy moments in the morning and evening sitting on the deck, soaking in the last of our carefree days.  Yet another reason for my recent blogging block.

~FUNNY~ As I wandered through the yard taking random photos I stooped low to see this friendly little Gnome who has been dutifully keeping watch under the maple tree for two years now.  The boys each picked one from the dollar spot at Target back then, each a little different, and literally staked their claim to their own maple tree.  Someday this little guy will be shaded by the thickening branches overhead and my boys will be just as tall and strong.  (sniff sniff)

~REAL~  What?  Don't you have a basketball hoop just inside the entry to your house?  Well, we do and believe me it catches people off-guard when they first come for a visit.  I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been for them to have a place to be rowdy!  Even Dad gets in on the games of HORSE and little KC can make a basket at three years old.  I think it says, "Boys live here - and they like it!"

round button chicken
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  1. Your crepe myrtle is beautiful! And the gnome seems to take his job every seriously ;-) We don't have as basketball hoop right inside the door but I know some people who would love it :)

  2. Can I send my boys over to play a little ball in your entryway? It would make my dinner-prep much smoother...

  3. I like the little gnome! What a sweet story to accompany him!

  4. The crepe myrtle is gorgeous! I have never seen one up close, enjoyed your nice up close picture! The basketball hoop looks so fun, and I bet your boys love it!

  5. Of course not everyone has a basketball hoop in their living room silly...

    Only those with rambunctious little boys who would find something else to run around and shoot things through. Definitely a smart addition to the entry decor!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. We have a basketball hoop hanging over the doorway in our hallway at my parents' house! Before we moved, it was in the family room. So many good times!

  7. Note that Rosie uses the present tense. However, since painting the hall, the hoop has not been there (also, may have something to do with all the boys growing up and moving out *sob*).

    It's in the garage on a shelf -- you can see it when you walk out there. A little visitor (3 yo boy) was walking out there, saw it, and said, "You need to put that hoop up!"

    So yes, I know where you're coming from with that hoop!


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