Patron Saint of Hurricanes; Pray For Us

At this moment there is a storm raging outside our home.  We still have power but the kitchen table is loaded with candles, lighters, flashlights, batteries and battery powered electronics.  They are signs of what is almost guaranteed to come, days without power.  

Irene is not even directly over us yet but she has certainly sent the rains and winds to clean a path ahead of her.

I managed to make two "hurricane pies" (apple pies requested by RW) but had to turn the ovens back on four times as power flickered out.  They are out of the oven and the scent of cinnamon and coziness is filling the house alongside the blaring weather channel updates.  A good balance I think.

Like the  tropical storm, fear is swirling all around us.  For three days - since the earthquake - we have been preparing our home to withstand the possibility of a category 2  hurricane.  School was cancelled to allow families to stay together and get themselves ready.  Everyone in Target and Walmart was calm and friendlier than usual.  Storms are bonding experiences - even before they hit.  "Stay safe" replaced "see you later" and neighbors offered extra propane, shelter and advice for those of us who have never experienced a hurricane before.  Part of our decision to stay was based on the fact that we know we will not face the aftermath alone.

St. Christopher painting by Hieronymus Bosch
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All this preparation has gotten me thinking of the season of Advent still months away.  While the arrival of Christmas is much better than a hurricane, we are still urged to prepare our hearts, homes and souls for the arrival of another force of nature, Jesus Christ.  

In a few months our kitchen tables will be full of ribbons, wrappings, cards and cookies.  "See you later" will be replaced with "Merry Christmas" and people will generally be friendlier.   It's too bad that it takes a major event to bring out such goodness in people, but the reality is - the goodness is always there.  It's times like these that help me feel more optimistic about our culture and help me see that the light of Christ shines through all people in times of need and in times of celebration.  We need not fear the storms for we are never alone.  

Post. Hurricane.  Thank you all for your prayers!  We feel so blessed that other than a few branches down our neighborhood is safe and power was restored overnight.  Please keep praying for those still in Irene's path and for all those who have suffered much more than our family.   St. Christopher, pray for us.


  1. Hope you all stay safe! My boys requested banana bread. It just came out of the oven. The wind is starting to pick up a bit here, but we do not expect Irene to hit us until much later today.

  2. It is during these times that I also feel more optimistic about the goodness of people. I hope that goodness can continue long after the storm. Praying for you and your family Misty, and all those on the east coast!

  3. A lovely post. "The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble." Ps. 9:9 The Lord be with you!

  4. Hope you are staying safe!! Would LOVE it if you would share these photos at my photo swap going on right now!!

  5. Thank You, God, for your safety!!! Aren't you glad I suggested you stay and tough it out? :) (no, I said GO!) I am so proud of you for embracing the experience and allowing your boys to experience it, too. Sheltering them with love, but not sheltering them from experiences....

  6. If a storm brings us closer to Him and to each other...

    So glad that you were kept safe.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. The Holy Spirit works in wonderful ways, doesn't he? I was searching for the Patron Saint of Hurricanes....if there is one....and came up with your blog. How delightful! You have a nice way of writing. being a writer myself, I connected with your tone as a kindred spirit. God bless and keep safe. As my 2nd graders are always telling me..."You always say it's fresh to meet a new friend, Mrs. Flanagan!"


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