Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {a good book and smurfs }

PRETTY~  Maybe I love this 'cause I'm his mother, but I adored the way the sunlight played across his hair - just before I got it cut.  

HAPPY~ As I read this book, I am nodding my head in agreement.  Sometimes you need to read books just because they affirm what your soul already knows.  This is one of those books.  Even better, Elizabeth Foss is hosting a discussion of this book on her blog, In The Heart of the Home.  Here is today's post if you want to join in: 10 Habits of Happy Mothers:Maintain Key Friendships.

FUNNY~ My boys started watching old Smurfs movies long before we knew a new version was hitting movie theaters. (They are available on DVD at Target.)  Their favorite toys to play with at my mother's house every Christmas were the Smurfs she had saved from my own childhood.  Let's just say I foresee a few Happy Meals in our near future.

REAL ~  A gas main break yesterday (loud enough to hear the hissing down the street) at a house under construction brought four firetrucks, three natural gas trucks and firemen knocking on doors to warn the neighbors.  Those poor firemen stood outside in 95 degree heat for nearly two hours.  Thankfully, all was repaired without incident and I felt so grateful for people who are willing to risk their own lives to protect others'.  God Bless firemen!

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  1. I'm about to start 10 Habits of Happy Mothers too and I can't wait! I have heard so much good about it.
    And God bless those firemen! We had the good luck (?) of a truck responding to the building next door to us this week - the boys were in heaven ;-)

  2. My kids have gotten into the Smurfs a lot lately too! Although I'm not sure if we'll go to the movie or not...
    Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  3. I, too, love the way the sunlight fell upon your son's hair, just so. Don't moments like that just make your heart want to leap from your chest?

    I've felt the same with my grandson in those sublime moments. Like he had been kissed by God and I was there to witness left me wondering...was the kiss for him or was it really for me?

  4. Ha ha I bought Happy Meals this week even though I detest them and my kids know not even to ask, but I had to get the Smurfs. Had to have them. So sad!


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