7 Quick Takes {on 2012 and technology]

This is not my house but it sure looks cozy!

1. My computer is totally fried.
I have loved you oh Dell of ten years ago.  You have helped me learn how to upload a photo to a blog and how to surf the web.  With you I began this blog and managed to maintain it even after you wiped out the first two months of photos I had posted.  Now, we are on our last days together and I must say I will NOT miss your viruses, your glitches, your incessant security scans right at the moment I sit down to blog.  Goodbye and Godspeed oh Dino Dell.

2.  My new camera.
My dear husband ordered me an early Christmas gift - a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera.  It was his way of affirming my new love of photography inspired by the beautiful photos all over blogland.   Now if I could only upload and post a few of these lovelier new photos to my Dino Dell computer.   Sigh...

3.  With the exception of a few flurries we had a brown Christmas back home.
And I am happy for them and all but geez, I did pack and bring an entire extra suitcase full of snowpants, coats and boots just so my boys could make a few snow angels in the land of the 100 inches of snow.  And it was balmy, dry and brown.  Even the ice rinks were slushy.  Bummer for us.  Boondoggle for those of our family who live there year-round.

4. My word for 2012.
Last year I chose enough as my word for the year.  In fact, it was officially the first post I ever wrote on this blog.  It helped remind me that I have enough (especially when I am at Target!) and don't need any more "stuff" to read, wear, eat, play with etc...
My word for this year is a result of last year's realization. I found that not only do I have enough around me, but also enough inside me on which to draw for inspiration.  My word for 2012 is CREATE.  Somehow writing a blog has reignited a passion for drawing, doodling, painting, writing, reading, baking, cooking, photography, decorating and generally making something tangible with my own hands/mind/spirit.  I look forward to sharing the results with you all year long.  

5.  Twitter -vs- Facebook
I adore Twitter.  I loathe Facebook.   Nuff said.

6.  Pinterest 
I also adore Pinterest and have figured out how to use it to my own advantage.  I created a 2012 Resolutions board for myself and went around pinning all the visuals and links to ideas I want to accomplish throughout the year.  For a random-minded person like me, this gives me inner peace.

7.  Baking With Julia
In September I began eating Wheat Free.  I am still wheat free and loving it.  However, I have always always wanted to learn to be a better baker.  I confess that  I have never made a loaf of bread from scratch.  So, when Dorie Greenspan wrote about this new Bakealong for 2012, I rushed to buy the cookbook and am planning on baking along with Julia twice a month.  You can be sure I will share the triumphs and failures here with you.  Maybe I'll even try to make some things gluten-free.  Who knows?  I just feel giddy about it!

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  1. You will love that camera, it is the same one we started with. I love your word and share your twitter vs FB comparison. :) I keep avoiding pinterest bc I know how much I would enjoy spending a few hours there each day.

  2. I also got a Rebel T3 and I am so in love with it! I love the words you picked.

  3. My word would have to be "coeval". I like your frank syle of writing and the mesmerizing photos. You'll not find photos but I do have more words like "coeval" on my site, which was engineered to help dying people live, with that cup of prayer in the morning. You might like: http://wrestlinggypsies.blogspot.com

  4. I had a Dell, it died too.

    regards photos, may I suggest buying an external hardrive to put your photos on, then no prob as you move from your dell to your new computer. also no worries about losing all. My son loaded 7 years of photos for me as a Christmas present this year:):)

  5. Oh how I agree with you about needing to "create". (Would still love to get together and .... just be....) :) Blessings.

  6. That camera sounds amazing and the photo that accompanied this post is great.

    We also brought snow gear when we went up to Maine for Christmas and then there was no snow. I'm fine with it, but Maine without snow at Christmastime was a little odd for me. :-)


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