The Little Bliss List and 7 Quick Takes

1.  Sunshine through the kitchen window while I wash dishes to the sound of birdsong.

2. A hand-painted card from a far away friend who says I inspired her  (!) to share her art after I shared mine. This card will be a forever treasure.

3.  Discovering that Naan from Target is softer and more delicious than pita bread.  We have been eating it with this hummus and making mini pizzas with it also.  So easy and yummy.

4.  Finally getting my 2012 books to read organized into categorical shelves on Goodreads.  (nerd alert!)  Somehow it makes it feel more possible when I can see the lists and not just a jumble of 40+  random book titles.  In case you're interested here's the breakdown:
~cookbooks ‎(8)
~create 7
~faith (6)
~fiction (6)
~home (4)
~memoir (8)
~writing (6)
~year-long reads (13)

5.  Valentine's Day coffee mugs and time to sip slowly.

6.  Seeing surfboards in January ~ a sign of really nice weather and a reminder to make time to get to the beach.  I never thought I would turn into one of those people who lives by the ocean and never gets there but alas...

7.  Fellow bloggers who share similar introverted interests like journaling enough to create a community around it. This post by Liz Lamoreux inspired me to join her Notes from the Journey Flickr group. Sometimes all that matters is to be reassured that we are not alone. 

gratefully sharing here...



  1. surf boards in January? I could only wish! - although the snow falling right now is very peaceful.

  2. Love your list and photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Wildflower Kath

  3. Oh, to live by the ocean. Love your list! Your friends card is very sweet :)

  4. I love that last line, Misty! So good to know we're not alone in our sorrows OR joys - really happy you're sharing your bliss list. And surf boards in January!? So fabulous!

  5. Oh to live near the ocean, my dream to one day live near it!! Love your list!

  6. Love your list! The sunshine through the window is gorgeous. You've inspired me to create a shelve for 2012 on Goodreads - thank you!

  7. Great list and your photos are gorgeous. Love the coffee cup and the time to sip slowly.

  8. Hi Misty,

    The fact that you can crack open your window in winter means you must live in the south! It's warm here for the midwest but still only in the 30's. Under that surfboard is a Chicago Bear emblem, right?

  9. Great list and photos! And I, too, need to get to the beach and enjoy some of this sun! ;-)

  10. I've never heard of GoodReads. I love all the gluten-free cookbooks!

  11. First up, that delightful picture of a coffee just under your banner made me want another. Your banner speaks volumes and I feel as though your blog is just like your home, warm and cozy.
    I think having a simple bliss list shows we all have bliss in our lives, it's just a matter of letting it in. Thanks Misty, Belindax

  12. I love how you've used images to accompany your list... It really adds to the beauty of it :)

    Oh how I wish I were near a beach today (it was snowing here)!


  13. Gorgeous photos! And I admire your reading list. I need to read more non-electronic things, for sure :)

  14. love the valentines coffee mug! what a happy list!

  15. swooning over the surfboard
    in back of the jeep.....warms me to my core.
    yes, yes.....get to the beach!
    enjoy and wallow in more joy:)
    bliss and peace,

  16. I will have to pick up some naan at Target the next time I'm there!

  17. Beautiful photos, Misty, truly beautiful! I'm also on Goodreads. I'm the author of three Catholic novels and one non-fiction book. If you're interested in reading any of my books, I'd be glad to send a free Kindle copy...just send me an email and let me know! God bless you...


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