Comparison Kills Contentment {Catholic Mothers Online Post}

My sister just texted me from the airplane. She and her husband are on their way to Germany to tour the Christmas markets – for the fifth time. Bring me a lebkuchen, I think as I close my phone and open the mailbox. The first Christmas card of the season has arrived. I haven’t even made one yet and was thinking I might skip it this year altogether. Opening her lovely card, I read that my friend has moved to a new home and lost 35 pounds in the last year. I am happy for her. Really, I am.

Please read the rest over at Catholic Mothers Online  where I am guest posting today.  Thanks!


  1. This is so timely and PERFECT for what we had just discussed last week. Oh, how I love the Misty behind Misty's Mornings! Nothing 'misty' about it...just pure CLARITY!!! H2U!!

  2. Thanks Jenn. We all compare to what we do not "have" but the best is having a friend who sees you for who you "are". H2U2!


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