Saturday Surfing {Lots of Links to Things I Love}

Four things I am loving right now...

I ran out to buy one at Michael's after watching this video.  Maybe you can relate to having stacks of barely used journals lining your shelves?  Somehow the colorful format of these books makes it easy to fill up and not feel pressured by a blank page.

If you are looking for something escapist, visually beautiful and of excellent quality to watch after the children are asleep you must try DA.  Season one is available on Netflix to get you up to speed.  Season 2 just began last week.  It is great fun!

The book arrived in the mail this week and I have spent a few blissful minutes imagining myself baking from scratch.  Even though I am half terrified to have joined in on this challenge, I am going to give it my best shot.  You still have time to join in, too!

Another challenge but somehow this seems like something doable for me.  I can't stand that I haven't printed out a tangible photo in years.  This monthly project should help me get some photos into a book.  Maybe a new Smash Journal?

What are you loving right now?  Do share!


  1. Misty, I couldn't watch her. She just seemed to be not going anywhere. Maybe my congestion has made me impatient. Wondering if you wouldn't mind relating what the smash box will be to you?

    Enjoyed your post and can't wait to Sunday's Downton Abbey!

    1. I understand - her point was that she has loads of empty journals on her shelves and she felt like she finally found a journal place and style which she can fill up the entire journal throughout the year. I am labeling mine 2012 and anythings goes. Enough with the one journal for this topic, another journal for that... Hope you have a chance to look at them at a craft store sometime.

  2. Thanks for all the tips this morning on Gluten Free! You are the second person to have recommened Downtown Abbey. I almost want to sign back up for Netflix!

  3. My sister recently bought one of those smash books and she showed it to me. I love the idea. Looks like fun. I hope to start one for 2012. As for Downtown Abbey, I'm thoroughly addicted! :-)


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