January 9 Daybook {and Menu Plan Monday}

Still enjoying Epiphany Sunday

Awakened to a steady rain and it felt just the thing for a lazy, crazy Monday morning.  Today   seems like a day to stay in, stay cozy and nest.

I am again surrounding myself with stacks of books I want to read.  Lately reading has been at the bottom of the to do list and January beckons me back into the arms of a good book.  Soon I will be posting the lists I made of books I read in 2011 and books I hope to read in 2012.  If you have a great recommendation tell me now so I can add it to the stack!

Workout clothes and slippers.  Totally defines my state of mind.

A ticking clock.  Wow.  That is quiet.

thankful for…
DVR.  I cannot wait to see the first episode of season 2 of Downton Abbey tonight after the boys are in bed.   The popcorn bowl is already laid out!

To. The. Gym. Period.

praying for...
My friend in need of healing.  My children at school.  My husband at work.  The year ahead.

Just bought these two books and cannot wait to get into them today.
A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms  and Book Cover Image for Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling

Journal pages galore, lists galore, ideas in my head galore.  Now to make them real.

MENU PLAN for January 8-15
Monday- leftover ham with steamed green beans
Tuesday- Taco night
Wednesday- Leftover tacos
Thursday- Breakfast for dinner GF pancakes
Friday-Lemon-peppercorn Tilapia and salads
Saturday- SUSHI out!
Sunday- Chicken Soup and Homesick Texan's Biscuits

I have collected many empty Target bags to use for this purpose: Everyday, I will grab one sack in each hand and head through the whole house and simply toss in things I can donate or throw away.  Done in twenty minutes.  Simple.  I figure this will help me tackle the sense of excess in a less excessive way.
Also, every single corner seems to need vacuuming.  Deeply.  Must accomplish this week!

Joining MOMS (Ministry of Mothers Sharing) at our parish.  I went through this class six years ago where we used to live and literally found three lifelong friends in that group alone. I cannot wait to meet the ladies who sign up here and see who God has in store for me this time!  Of course it will be interesting to see how I've grown spiritually since the first time through.  It truly was a life-changing experience for me.  And I am not ashamed to say that I can attend only because they picked Friday nights for meetings.  As a mom of grade-schoolers I have nothing else going on on Friday nights!

What God has planned for my husband and me this year.  Seems like we are working together better than ever toward our shared goals and values.  So exciting.


  1. welcome to menu plan monday! i really like your post & it got me perusing your blog, which is so great. and i think i'm going to need to order that food+photography book :)

  2. I love how you did this!
    Great post!
    Great life!:) -Audry Cece (incourage member)

  3. I just discovered your blog through Menu Plan Monday. Love it! I'm adding you to my reader. I love how simple your words are, yet say it all.

  4. I found this on meal plan monday but like the daybook part of this too. ;-)

  5. I need to start doing Taco Tuesday!

    Welcome to MPM


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