52 Weeks of Organizing {Family Binder}

How do you keep it all together? All the papers, magazines clippings, ideas for crafts, service contracts and more.  I have spent many hours trying to figure it out on my own and finally landed on a few helpful blogs that described how to set up a homekeeping notebook.

Over the past summer I tried to put my own together.  Every few weeks I go through my "inbox" where I have tossed all those important loose papers.  I end up throwing many of them away and then hole-punch the rest to go into my Family binder. I cut scrapbooking papers to insert inside the plastic covering on a large three-ring binder.  Lately I have put a greater importance on making functional items more beautiful.  Stickers and scrap papers work wonders.

These sticky divider tabs were fabulous for creating the sections in my binder.  Some of the categories I have are: Books, Decorating, Directions,Dreams,Family Meetings, Gardening, Gift Ideas, Goals, House Projects, Medical/Dental, Milestones, Old Info (former addresses, schools, doctors etc...), Prayers, Services, Wisdom, Wishlists, Vacations and there are many more.  I found I had so many recipes that I created a hanging file box just for them. 

This week my goal was to go through the inbox again and tidy up the binder.  It is still evolving but I like knowing that I have a way to contain my random paperwork and ideas in one easily accessible place.

I would love to know about your system for keeping it all together as well.  Happy organizing!


  1. Beautiful binder and great tips! I have an attractive, multi-colored striped accordion file that houses the papers in many of the categories on your list. Before they get there, though, they first land in a basket hanging on the wall by my desk (instead of ON my little desk), then into one of four clear 9 x 12 x 3 Rubbermaids that are kind of categorized, and from there into the accordion folder after I have sorted and tossed what is not needed. Is it organized the best? Not really. Does it work? Somewhat. At least it's better than the system I had before, which was nothing! Since moving to this little house, I mean. I am inspired to do the binder like yours. Mine will have to have plastic sleeves inside for catching magazine clippings and such. I am not patient enough to 3-hole punch anything, so I will have to just 'stuff' them into the plastic sleeves. Thanks again for the tips!

  2. OK...so I know that this was posted in February...but it caught my eye. I had a post of my own a few months back along the same idea. I finally collapsed all my little notebooks and sketchbooks into my own version of a 'daytimer'. Did you know that daytimers are reeally expensive...and the paper refills are crazy expensive? Here is my own version:
    So nice to read your post!


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