Small Successes {morning bliss}

Because it's so much easier to find the flaws...

  1. Re-organized the hall closet. *Major sigh of relief*.  Blissfully easy mornings before school.  Why did I wait so long to do this???
  2. Updated my calendars with all school events and synced with my husband's travel schedule.  Made several appointments that needed to be made.  Feeling on top of obligatory things.
  3. Ironed all of my husband's work shirts and even the boys' school uniforms.  I actually like ironing but rarely get around to it.  Now hubby can get ready for work without hassles.  Here's to quick and easy mornings!


  1. At 37, I have finally learned that a really good iron is the ticket to enjoying ironing. I still don't *have* to iron very much, but an awesome iron allows me to enjoy it when I must! Is your step feeling a little lighter throughout the day with these things accomplished? Sounds refreshing! Thanks for sharing. :) H2U

  2. Hi Misty - LOVE your sweet peaceful blog. We have 3 daughters and have been married almost 20 years.

    Thanks also for visiting my blog! Happy Friday!~



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