Lost In The Moment

Magazines, books and blogs urge me to live with mindfulnessto be "present" in the current moment.  Not to miss the beauty in the simple things of life.  What if the world in which I live is so disappointing I would rather live in a fog of my own mindlessness

I vacillate between trying to stay on top of current events and turning it all off and tuning it all out.  It seems impossible that such dramatic events can occur in the same world where people spend money on Silly Bands.  The news can be so frightening that I would rather watch Food TV and become lost in learning to make chicken empanadas.  Somehow it begins to seem foolish to spend so much time blogging, decorating and running errands.   Is being so narrowly focused causing me to miss the call to be more prepared for reality?  Am I getting so lost in savoring the small moments in life that I will be unprepared for the inevitable bigger moments to come?  Have I forgotten that evil is real?

The truth is, evil does exist.  Especially as a Christian I believe that to be true.  
                                        And lead us not into temptation
                                        but deliver us from evil.
                                               Matthew 6:13
 Jesus prayed these words.  I pray these words but do I really notice them? 

Lately, I have begun to wonder if I am ready to face truly challenging times. I need only to look to the life of my Grandmother to know that hard times can and do hit.  Have I prepared our family?  Our finances?  Our pantry?  

This is not the topic to bring up at Bunco or over coffee with girlfriends.  People don't really want to think about it much less talk about it.  But I find myself asking bigger questions and wondering who might have some answers and advice.  For now, I am asking God what I should be doing rather than doing only what I want to be doing.   I am making my way out of the fog.


  1. Insightful and thought-provoking. Thank you! H2U

  2. Very thought provoking post. I sometimes feel the same way. There are times when I watch the news and I just want to hide like an ostrich!

    We have to remember that no matter what is to come, God has already won the victory in Christ, so we can face our challenges with confidence. Like our beloved Pope John Paul II said: "Be Not Afraid."

    Now, if only I could remember that...

  3. God won't give you anything you can't handle! He's awesome like that!
    Visiting from Sunday Snippets.

  4. Your topic resonates with me. I concluded that if the news is upsetting me, I should be praying and taking practical action if necessary. But I don't think we should tie ourselves into knots over stuff we can't do anything about. The chaos out there is a reminder to trust in God.

  5. I have been thinking about "being prepared" also, it's hard sometimes to face the music, I have a hard time listening to the news and hearing about such chaos. Blogging is such a great outlet.


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