Sing Songs of Beauty

Warm breezes through open windows, budded branches and two birthday boys this week simply made my soul rejoice. On Wednesday morning I read the lyrics of a hymn in my Magnificat.  The words echoed my spirit's silent song and reverberated through the past two days. Even if the breezes blow cold and the branches remain barren, I hope these words can awaken your own spirit's song of peace and praise today.


Thanks be to God, O give him Praise
And publicize his great name.
Shout out, proclaim aloud his deeds
To ev'ry land and peoples,
Sing songs of beauty to the Lord;
Praise him with spirit jubilant.
Tell over all his marvels!

Glorious is his holy name;
Let ev'ry heart be joyful.
Cleansed they become through fear in faith
Who struggle now with courage.
Look to the Lord and to his strength;
His acts recall, his judgments sound.
Never forget his wonders!

He surely is our God and Lord
Who all the earth rules justly.
His cov'nant he will not forget;
It is his word and promise.
All generations this confirms:
He is unfailing, faithful, true;
His trust is everlasting.


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~Grace and peace to you~

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