5 Minute Friday { J. O. Y. }

Joining with The Gypsy Mama for a five minute un-edited free write 
about the topic of her choice:  JOY...


Not long ago, our surfer-cool priest gave a homily about joy.  He said something I haven't forgotten.  He said,   J.O.Y. stands for:

If we live life in that order we will find an everlasting joy.

It's a simple acronym for ordering our priorities.  The truth is, I usually live my life like this:

Y(me). O. J.

While I am often joyful, I think living joy backwards is a short-lived, shallow-depth kind of joy. It is more of a temporary happiness, an instant-gratification joy that is in constant need of refilling.

When I do manage to turn my YOJ around, I experience a deeper peace of mind and soul.  It feels good to begin my day with the word of God, to serve my family a great breakfast, to see them into uniforms and off to school smoothly and unselfishly.  Sitting at the computer, calling out to them to wait one more minute while I finish this post (ahem!) doesn't feel like everlasting joy.

So I am off to do those things today, to re-order my disorder, and to sink deeply into the joy that only J.O.Y can bring.




  1. Hi Misty! The order of the letters is goofy no matter how we mess them up, isn't it?

    Sometimes as a people-pleaser, I fall into OJY --- I try to meet the needs of my family and friends in my own strength, then go to Jesus for a bit, and wonder why I am so run-down all the time.

    I guess if you "say it fast," OJY ends up sounding like "Oh, gee!" which is what I sighingly say when I see one MORE need from someone I love when I'm operating in my own strength.

    Keeping Jesus first...thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hi Misty,
    Great response! I liked how you SPELLED IT OUT for us. Hoping that you find joy in abundance today- and more wisdom this weekend to share :)

  3. Hi Misty! Thanks for the J.O.Y. reminder...I need to remember it more often than my kids as I use it to remind them :D

  4. What a fun way to remember our priorities- I think many of us are living back to front!

  5. I love this acronym! What truth, too. Living for Jesus and serving others is definitely the way to hold onto the joy that He gives!

  6. What a great way to think about it! I "met" you at (in)courage and thought I'd check out your blog. So glad I did!

  7. Yes, I remember it as a child that acronym. Jesus, others, you. It's a wonderful and simple reflection for where my focus should daily be.

  8. Okay, I've never seen that acronym for Joy before, but I needed to! I think I might sometimes do O.Y.J.... and need to switch it, big time. What a great reminder, thanks!


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